Friday, June 25, 2010

Inflammation and Pain - Consider the FIR Dome

How much inflammation and pain can a person bare?
Do you suffer from knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, sports injuries, arthritis?
Why suffer another day, consider the Far Infrared Ray Dome (FIR Dome) for relief from your aches and pains.
"I've experienced pain relief using the FIR Dome, I stubbed my toe, tripped going up some cement stairs and crashed my foot into the stair riser, talk about pain, within a couple of minutes I was unable to move it since the pain and inflammation set in, even too painful to keep my shoe on.
As soon as I arrived home, I immediately laid on the couch propping my throbbing foot on a pillow and placed the FIR Dome over it.
A couple hours that evening and slept with the FIR Dome that night, by morning I was able to put my shoe on, it was still a bit tender, bruising set in, I knew I had broke my toe, but thanks to the FIR Dome within the next couple of weeks my bone healed and the bruising disappeared rather quickly.
My other option would of been walking around with an orthopedic boot, which, by the way, could cause more pain in the long run, walking off balanced with the boot could cause knee and hip problems (experienced that a couple of years ago).
But instead, I basked under the therapeutic heat radiated from the FIR Dome and the end result was a healed toe without any extra suffering." Nancy W., WI, 6/25/2010