Monday, June 7, 2010

Are Newborns Born Toxic?

Toxic chemicals find way into the womb. Tests of cord blood show newborns have already been exposed to more than 200 potentially hazardous chemicals in the womb.
Bisphenol A is an ingredient in plastic bottles and epoxy resins and can be found in thousands of products, including water bottles, baby bottles, food can linings and dental sealants. The chemical is linked to problems in reproductive development, behavioral problems, obesity, diabetes and even cancer.
Perfluorochemicals are used to create the non-stick surfaces of cooking pans, and are also used for grease and stain protection for carpets and furniture. The class of chemicals is listed by the EPA as a "chemical of concern." Exposure to perfluorochemicals is linked to low birth weight, and possibly even to cancer.
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers are flame retardants found in some televisions and electronics, as well as older furniture and mattresses. The chemical contaminates house dust and is also listed by the EPA as a "chemical of concern." It may affect cognitive abilities and behavior.
Polychlorinated biphenyls, banned since 1976, this pervasive chemical can leach out of landfills and eventually get into the food supply. It is linked to cancer, behavioral problems and damage to the body's nervous system, immune system and chemical signaling system.
Chlorinated dioxins and ethylmercury originate from emissions from power plants and other industries. Dioxins can cause cancer, and mercury can damage nervous system development and stunt intellect.
Methylmercury is found in contaminated fish and seafood. It is linked to cancer and lower motor function, attention and verbal skills among children. source
Toxic Chemicals in the Womb - video