Monday, April 5, 2010

Introducing Go Green Nutritional Supplement and pH Balancer

Go Green - Fuel for the Entire Body - Dietary Supplement

Go Green is a blend of 77 ingredients with No additives, No artificial colors, No preservatives, No chemicals, No dairy and No wheat.

Go Green ingredients are grown in mineral-rich soil, harvested at peak nutrient levels, and processed at low temperatures which maintains its nutrient value.

Go Green consists of an organic juice blend of carrot root, kale leaf, fennel foot, spinach leaf, collard greens, parsley leaf, swiss chard leaf, beet root, broccoli tops, and cabbage leaf.

Go Green also consists of organic barley grass juice, spirulina, organic alfalfa juice, cholorella, klamath blue green algae, organic buckwheat sprouts, organic quinoa sprouts, organic rye sprouts to name just a few of the 77 ingredients. for complete list of ingredients

For best results, mix 1 scoop of Go Green Nutritional Supplement into 8 to 12 oz. of water or your favorite beverage, mix vigorously and drink immediately.

Visit for a demonstation of Go Green in action.

Inspirational Message for Today: If you...had only known...but now it is hidden from your eyes. Luke 19:42

God holds us accountable for what we refuse to see or are unable to see because of our sin. And now they are "hidden from your eyes" because you have never completely yielded your nature to Him. But God, can turn what might have been into a wonderful lesson of growth for the future.