Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fluoride Video - Is Fluoride Necessary?

A must see video by Stephany Fisher of CBS Atlanta News entitled: Dangerous Fluoride? Is Fluoride Necessary?

Fluoride is in our tap water we drink and in many of the foods we eat, what exactly are the side effects of fluoride?

Daniel Stockin and his partners at the Lilly Center are spreading the word about fluoride and its potential negative health effects.

Because of the CBS Atlanta Video, Stockin said, "We're getting correspondence from people all across the globe who have seen the CBS story and are sending it to local TV Stations and telling them to produce a similar story for their local area, and they're sending it to water districts and legislators, as well."

Daniel has played a large part in convincing the National Kidney Foundation to withdraw support of water fluoridation. Check out Daniel's website at