Saturday, February 13, 2010

Never Give Up

Never Give Up When You've Been Told Nothing Else Can Be Done!
Below is a testimonial of what happens when a person puts her health in her own hands:

I am 51 years old and have been on a journey for 15 years to help myself overcome many health problems: fatigue, female issues, PMS, severe allergies, digestive problems, muscle pain, mental fog, memory loss, and vitamin deficiencies, along with neck and shoulder pain.

I always tried to do what ever I could to stay healthy, I exercised regularly, ate a very strict diet with no white sugar or flour, I juiced vegetables and received treatments from a chiropractor.

Then at a visit to my massage therapist, she advised me to look into the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, FIR Dome and the other health devices available. I settled on purchasing the SOQI Bed which consists of a Chi Machine and 3 FIR Domes set on a specially built bed.

Later I purchased the E-Power which is excellent for the bones and acne, which my daughter suffered from for so many years.

My advice to everyone is to believe and have passion in these great machines, read all that you can to understand how the body functions, and never give up when you've been told nothing else can be done. - B.K., OH
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