Monday, February 8, 2010

FIR Dome, etc. Aids Lymphoma Patient

Below is a testimonial from a lymphoma patient who noticed greatly improved results after he began using the FIR Dome, Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, Beta-1,3D Glucan, and Curcumin:

Due to my diagnosis of Lymphoma in April 2008, I decided to change my eating habits by eliminating chicken and red meats, reducing sugar and white flour along with foods made with those ingredients and eating more fruits and vegetables.

I thought I was making progress but was informed in Dec. 2008 after undergoing 3 PET Scans over the course of 8 months that my largest retroperitoneal lymph nodes were holding at 19mm and others at 14mm, I needed to do something more, but what!

In Feb. 2009, Nancy, from, suggested I include Beta-1,3D Glucan, Curcumin, the FIR Dome and the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine to my regimen which at that time consisted of Vit. D3, Ester C, B Complex, Fish Oil, Resveratrol, Vit. E, Selenium, Sublingual B-12, CoQ10, and Zinc.

One thing to mention at this time, concerns my cholesterol, in June 2008 I had a cholesterol reading of 284, then in Jan. 2009 my cholesterol was 260, but things started happening after taking the Beta Glucan, Curcumin and using the FIR Dome and Chi Machine, in May 2009 my cholesterol was down to 161, then in Aug. 2009, my cholesterol came down even further to a reading of 138.

In Oct. 2009 I went through my 4th PET Scan, which revealed shrinkage to my Retroperitoneal lymph nodes. The 19mm lymph nodes diagnosed on Dec. 2008 came in at 10mm and my Dec. 2008 14mm lymph nodes were down to 7mm. I couldn't believe it, I honestly believe the products Nancy suggested has allowed me better PET Scan and cholesterol results.

I can't stop now though, I know I just have to keep plugging away with my daily regimen and who knows, my cancer may be gone in no time, a prayer or two on my behalf wouldn't hurt and would be much appreciated as well. -J.M. source

Inspirational Message for Today:
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