Thursday, December 29, 2011

Natural and Organic Cereal Findings

The Cornucopia Institute, based in Wisconsin, is a progressive farm policy research group, that researches and investigates agricultural issues that provides information for consumers, family farmers, and the media.

The Cornucopia Institute is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) public interest group.

A new research study from The Cornucopia Institute indicates that the "natural" claims in the cereal and granola aisle are misleading consumers.  Cornucopia and USDA research finds GMOs, and toxic pesticide residues in "natural" cereal ingredients and many of these brands are often priced higher than equivalent organic products.

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The Cornucopia Institute has also provided consumers with an "Organic Cereal Scorecard" that lists the brands in a 5-Grain category all the way down to a 1-Grain category.

Brands in the 5-Grain category are trustworthy and committed to organics produced by true heroes in the organic industry.  All products under the brand name are certified organic and were produced without GMOs, toxic pesticides, petrochemical solvents, and other inputs that are strictly prohibited by organics.

Brands in the 1-Grain category are brands that offer no certified organic products and only a handful offer very limited organic choices.  "Natural" products in the 1-Grain category contain ingredients that are likely produced with toxic pesticides, and could contain genetically engineered and hexane-extracted ingredients.

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