Thursday, April 29, 2010

Far Infrared Therapy - How it Began, How it Works

Far Infrared (FIR) Therapy

How Far Infrared Therapy Began
In the 1960's NASA did some research and said there is something important in the rays of the sun, healing rays called Far-infrared.

In 1968 Japan began to work on the possibility of capturing these rays to be used for healing. It took them 30 years to capture the Far-infrared rays, the 5-25 micron wave lengths. It first came out as a cotton fabric that could be placed on an injury or painful spot on the body, then it was used in ceramics.

How FIR Therapy Works
The FIR Therapy is different from the conventional heat Therapies, infrared Therapies and microwave therapeutic devices. The FIR Therapy features a plate coated with a proprietary mineral ceramic formation consisting of 33 earth elements essential to the human body. When activated by the ceramic heating element, this mineral plate emits a special band of far-infrared waves ranging from a 8-10 micrometer wavelength that coincide with the wavelengths and intensity of the electromagnetic radiations emanating from the human body. As a result, the FIR far-infrared waves are readily absorbed. The Far Infrared Dome, as pictured above, is designed with a ceramic heating element. source