Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine Aids Alzheimer Patient

Alzheimer's Disease is a degenerate disease of the central nervous system characterized especially by premature senile mental deterioration. It is progressive in its nature; it attacks the brain, resulting in impaired memory, decreased intellectual and emotional functioning, and ultimately complete physical breakdown. Symptoms vary; from depression, fatigue, and occasional forgetfulness to disorientation and aggressive or paranoid behavior.

Researchers have also concluded that brain loss mainly occurs because our neurons fail to get enough oxygen and blood. Our brain requires 20% of the oxygen we breathe into our lungs from the blood that is pumped through the arteries and capillaries.
Clogged arteries restrict blood flow to the brain and reduce the amount of oxygen needed for normal brain function.
Using the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine on a daily basis can enhance circulation and oxygenation, stimulating the cognitive processes and achieve mental acuity. source

"My husband has had Alzheimer's disease for years. In the past year he has had several ministrokes. He went from having good balance and good walking ability to not walking at all. One morning he was particularly ill. His color was gray, was almost non-responsive. His caregiver and I were looking at him and she was thinking how she could raise his oxygen level. She then remembered the Chi Machine. He was sitting in a chair, we put his feet on the Chi Machine and set it for five minutes. Before our very eyes, his cheeks turned pink and the paleness left, he has been better every day. He walks fine and has had no more episodes. We keep him on the Chi Machine for 10 minutes twice a day now. He is so much happier than before, more like his old self." - Bev S., OR