Thursday, January 14, 2010

Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine vs Rebounder

How the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine compares with a Rebounder

When using the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine you are experiencing the acceleration and deceleration of the body. The lymphatic fluid is going through the vessels and there is a one-way valve pushing and opening repeatedly like a hydraulic jack. Jumping on a rebounder causes the same type of action. When you are going up, the valves are closed. When you are coming down, the valves are opening, picking up more fluid, so whether you are jumping on a rebounder or getting on the Original Chi Machine you are going to move the lymphatics. The big difference however is this process happens automatically on the Original Chi Machine as you simply lay there.

Even though the overall effect of the Original Chi Machine versus the rebounder is comparable in generating body electricity, the Original Chi Machine is perhaps a safer choice for most. Fatigue or physical stress may result while using the rebounder and may be impossible for some, may experience dizziness, stress on the knees, back pain or painful joints. The Original Chi Machine supports health without energy loss, body stress, or effort. The Chi Machine is done while reclining and relaxed, with weight removed from the spine. source