Thursday, December 3, 2009

SOQI Chi Machine and FIR Dome Spa Bed

The SOQI Total Health Spa, as pictured above, is especially designed and built with high quality materials to give the consumer an elegant, exclusive, durable, and user-friendly product. With an enclosed high quality sound system and other effects, you will become relaxed and stress will be eliminated.

The SOQI Total Health Spa is a futuristic blend of HTE equipment developed to focus on the family health care trends of today. It is a brand new health management concept utilizing the latest in scientific technology. Integrating motion energy (Sun Ancon Chi Machine), thermal energy (FIR Dome), and spa music into a multi-energy product. The SOQI Sound Bed combines Eastern health philosophy and modern technology, and is capable of delivering this technology to every home all over the world.

The SOQI Spa Bed consists of three Far Infrared Ray Domes (FIR Domes) and one Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine that are built to lock down on their own specially designed massage table bed.
The SOQI Spa Bed includes a storage shelf and a built in CD player with two speakers on either side of your head.

Created in Asia after years of research, using advanced Japanese technology, the SOQI Spa Bed is a proven, outstanding alternative healing solution for every individual and family that seeks to stay or improve their health. source