Sunday, November 15, 2009

Special Needs Children Benefit from the Original Chi Machine and FIR Dome

To all you parents, grandparents, foster parents, etc. who want desperately to help your child with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, etc., the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine and/or FIR Dome could very well be the answer you have been looking for.

The oscillating movement of the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine strengthens the neuronal connections between the right and left brain. The Original Chi Machine works in a figure-8 motion which moves the whole body and gets the cranial-sacral fluid up into the brain and gets both sides of the brain working.

The FIR Dome helps excrete through sweat and oil glands harmful substances such as heavy metals, lactic acid, nonesterified fatty acids, toxic substances from food processing, etc. The FIR Dome helps relieve chest colds, earaches, bronchitis, stomachaches, asthma and the list goes on. FIR can actually increase the body tissue’s regenerative ability, it also reduces abnormalities in the nervous system and helps the autonomous system function properly.

Children with Special Needs do Benefit with the use of the Original Chi Machine and Far Infrared Dome according to Nancy Lawton-Shirley, O.T.R. (view video)
Nancy has helped numerous children over the past 5 years overcome some issues in their life as listed below.
  • ADHD/ADD/Autism: Changes seen:Sleep improves; Behavorial issues lessen; Better concentration; Coordination of muscles; Calmer response to touch, sound, movement
  • Anxiety/Anxiety Disorders: Examples of:Distressed by new activities, people, or places; Excessive worries; Anticipates disaster in activities; Overwhelmed by touch, movement, sound, etc.
  • Anxiety/Anxiety Disorders: Changes seen:Calmer; More flexible; Better sleep; Relaxed facial muscles
  • Cerebral Palsy: Changes seen:Improved range of motion of limbs; Increased relaxed muscles; Relaxed feet, less stiffness; Increased movement through truck/body during Chi Machine use; Decreased pain of tight muscles(Chi Machine and FIR Dome)
  • Learning Disability: Changes seen:Some find learning easier; Some find concentration easier; Less stress
  • Down's Syndrome: Changes seen:Decreased constipation; Increased alert state; Increased calm
  • Head Trauma/Stroke: Changes seen:Improved coordination; Improved independence; Improved use of limbs; Increased calm state; Increased body awareness

    Things to look for while your child is on the Chi Machine:
    -relaxed facial muscles
    -less restlessness
    -increased eye contact
    -increased interaction
    -body awareness

    Regular use of the Chi Machine, the child will be calmer

    Use the FIR Dome for tight muscles
    The FIR Dome will help calm the child while he/she is on the Chi Machine.

    Fluorescent lights causes hyperactivity

    Red lights speeds up the process in healing and is very calming for the child
    Blue lights slows down the process in healing

    Weighted blanket-lay it on the child’s chest to calm and settle the body

    Play soft music while on the Chi Machine – do not use head phones

    Things in the hand settles a child down – squiggles, something squishy in the hands

    Things in the mouth is calming – chew tubes or something they can chew on

    If the child is too scared to lay on the floor doing the Chi Machine, just have him/her sit on a chair with the Chi Machine on the floor in front of the chair, placing the child’s feet on the stirrups of the Chi Machine.

    Remember to have your child drink water, some before and some after using the Chi Machine.For additional information, check out: Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine and/or FIR Dome